Conceal Carry Class

Classes are every weekend as well as by appointment.

Conceal Carry Class

Florida Conceal Carry License

Florida Concealed Carry License class is given by Brandon Gun School.
For more information, visit their web site at: or visit

Brandon Gun School offers a variety of classes for most levels of experience, including:
Concealed Carry Weapons/Firearms License Class ($49 or $85 for two), Basic Firearms Safety ($35), Range Class ($50), Metallic Cartridge Reloading Class ($135), Junior Firearm Safety Classes ($25): (Prices in parenthesis)

Classes Last Approximately 2 Hours

Classes Schedule:

Friday 12PM - 2:15PM & 3PM - 5:15 PM
Saturday 11:30AM - 1:30PM & 2PM - 4:15 PM
Sunday 1pm - 3pm & 3:15PM - 5PM

To reserve your seat, please call Terri at(813) 210-0929 or send an email to

NEW- Safe Gun Handling Class

Advanced focus on the following: Safe gun handling, Trigger Control, Proper Gripping, Follow Through, Stance, Loading & Unloading Ammo, Aiming, and Breath Control.

$35.00 per person (Max 4)

To reserve your seat, please call Terri at (813)210-0929 or send an email to

NEW- Range Time Building Class

Available after finishing Safe Gun Handling. Work with a Range Safety Officer on a gun range to shoot live ammo at targets building your gun handling skills. Personalized instruction hones your shooting skills and increasing confidence.

$60.00 per person (Max 4, range and ammo not included.) To reserve your seat, please call Terri at (813)210-0929 or send an email to

- Defensive Shooting

Looking for that next level of training? Look no further, we offer Defensive Shooting Training. You will learn to draw from the holster, reload a magazine, engage multiple targets, double taps, and critical thinking while shooting under stress- all in one package.

$135.00, Student must have basic shooting skills. (Ammo, range, and equipment not included.)

To reserve your seat, please call Terri at (813) 210-0929 or send an email to

Firearms Training

Start Your Weapons Training

We place a strong emphasis on firearm safety, skill enhancement, and responsible ownership. Our expertly crafted firearms training classes are tailored to individuals of all experience levels, providing comprehensive instruction in the fundamentals, marksmanship improvement, and advanced tactical techniques. Our dedicated instructors prioritize safety and aim to instill confidence, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills required for responsible firearm handling. Join us on the path to becoming a more proficient and confident firearm owner by exploring our Firearms Training category.